ChistaDATA Managed Services 2022


In this blog post, I’d like to introduce ChistaDATA’s vision and strategy of putting our customers first around Managed Services. First of all, I’d like to thank Shiv Iyer Founder and Principal of ChistaDATA giving me the opportunity to help build a world-class Managed Services organization. 


Our strategy remains simple and lean. We would like to give the best of both worlds of Open Source tooling and implementations to our customers globally. From the idea to implementation, implementation to production, and being part of the customer experience this will be the mission of ChistaData. Our core focus will stay in Analytical Data by using Clickhouse technology. 

Our organizational goals will be surrounded by a Goto-Market strategy for our products and services. Products and services will be Enterprise-grade global operations supported by a robust engineering team. 

Organizational Strategy

Organizational strategy for Managed Services will initially be a team-based customer focus. This is usually the common implementation of teams that uses follow the sun model. This model will give ChistaDATA an advantage over strategic customer locations where there’s no gap in timezones. 

As our products and services expand we’ll shape the Managed Services based on our customer needs. 

The current model will include Support, Managed Services, and Cloud Support business units. 

Support is focused on immediate problem resolution of existing Clickhouse users. Our expert team will be able to provide solutions for requests coming from remote and on-premises users. 

Cloud Support will be a special focused group preparing for the Cloud offering aka DaaS over Clickhouse Analytics. 

We will be moving to Phase II with the introduction of Professional Services where we will be focusing on migration and implementation of Clickhouse with best practices. 

Going back to Managed Services, we think it will be a very crucial part of ChistaDATA. With current and increasing demand, we will be establishing a solid business model around it and Managed Services will be a triumph for our growth and future businesses. We are on the verge of going to the next phase in technology with Web3. Online and transactional systems are already advancing every day where there’s a broader need for analytical data. Data Science has been more in demand than ever before and will dictate the success of every technology company. 

In Managed Services life cycle there are very critical phases leading to successful engagement with long-term relationships with our customers. Once the deal is closed and the customer is onboarded plan is to reach a stabilization period within the first 90 days of the engagement. We believe strong and process-oriented onboarding is very important. A dedicated team will serve a set of customers with a process that’s scalable.

Managed Services Offering

Our offering will be based on what the customers need. It will also be market-focused where there’s most need in terms of managing the customer production environment. The Managed Services will be built on the following pillars:

  • Monitor: Monitoring the environment with proper SLA is an important part of the operation. While the reliability of the supported platform is maintained it has also needed to be monitored. 
  • Operate: Operational requirements will be satisfied with this offering. This is part of the enablement of the analytical platform to our customers so they can get the best out of it for the business needs. 
  • Optimize: Effective and efficient environments have huge benefits to our customers. Optimization not only speeds up customer satisfaction also provides significant cost savings over time. 
  • Transform: Transformation is going to be a tactical activity for achieving long-term goals.  This will be part of QBR (Quarterly Business Reviews) of Managed Services organizational goals where our customers transformed into the most modern and updated model. 
  • Managed Cloud: Ideally customers running our cloud offerings will be served at this part of the Managed Services. 

Culture and Team Dynamics

Our leadership consists of decades of industry experience. What we learned from this is to build a uniting non-toxic environment for all employees so that our customers feel that we’re part of an extension of their teams. We want to build a sustainable business culture that’s fair for the entire company. We will also be extra careful about diversity and inclusion. Last but not least we will be on a mission to one dream as one team. 

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Alkin Tezuysal has extensive experience in open source relational databases, working in various sectors for large corporations. With over 25 years of industry experience, he has acquired skills for managing large projects from the ground up to production. For the past decade, he's been focused on e-commerce, SaaS, and MySQL technologies. Alkin has managed and architected database topologies for high-volume sites. He has several years of experience in 24X7 support and operational tasks and improving database systems for major companies. He has led global operations teams on Tier 1/2/3 support for MySQL customers. He currently holds the EVP - Global Services position at fast-growing startup ChistaDATA Inc. He's also co-author of the MySQL Cookbook 4th Edition.