Managed Services

ClickHouse Managed Services 

ChistaDATA Managed Remote DBA Services for ClickHouse helps you to build both development and production environments for performance, scalability and reliability. Our ClickHouse Managed Services teams monitor 24*7 your ClickHouse Infrastructure Operations and when an incident arises, we respond proactively – So you can focus purely on business/application operations. Our Performance Engineering Teams will optimize your ClickHouse performance by parameter tuning, schema design audits/recommendations, table partitioning, query optimization, cost-efficient indexing and sharding. You can focus on strategic activities, We will proactively manage routines like installation, configuration, backups, upgrades and security patches. Please download ChistaDATA 24*7 Consultative Support and Managed Services flyer from here to understand more in detail about our offerings.

☛ ChistaDATA Managed Services

✔ ClickHouse Installation and Configuration

✔ Configuring ClickHouse for Performance, Scalability and Reliability

✔ ClickHouse Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting(24*7)

✔ ClickHouse Performance Benchmarking

✔ Capacity Planning and Sizing

✔ ClickHouse Performance Audit

✔ ClickHouse Infrastructure Performance Optimization and Tuning

✔ ClickHouse Sharding Solution

✔ ClickHouse Replication Solutions

✔ ClickHouse Database Reliability Engineering Services

✔ ClickHouse Upgrades and Migration Services

✔ Database Security and Privacy

☛ Remote DBA Plans

We are transparent in sharing how we bill our customers for remote DBA services.  There are absolutely no hidden costs attached, You will pay only what we have mentioned below. Our remote DBA plans are independent of how many database servers we are managing for you, The fixed priced billing model gives you strong control over the budget you have for database infrastructure operations management.

Remote DBA PlanRate
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
On-Demand Remote DBA
(8 hours Remote DBA per month)
US $1,600 / month
Quarter DBA
(40 hours of remote DBA services per month)
US $6,000 / month
Half DBA
(80 hours of remote DBA services per month)
US $10,000 / month
Full DBA
(160 hours of remote DBA services per month)
US $16,000 / month
The Ultimate DBA
(Remote DBA services for 24*7*365)
US $54,000 / month

If you are a startup, We have flexible consulting options available:

Avg. Hours / MonthQuarterly
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
4US $2,100.00US $4,200.00US $8,400.00
8US $3,360.00US $6,720.00US $13,440.00
12US $3,780.00US $7,560.00US $15,120.00
16US $4,200.00US $8,400.00US $16,800.00
20US $4,900.00US $9,800.00US $19,600.00
24US $7,000.00US $14,000.00US $24,500.00
28US $9,100.00US $18,200.00US $28,000.00
32US $10,500.00US $21,000.00US $31,500.00
36US $14,000.00US $28,000.00US $42,000.00
40US $17,500.00US $34,500.00US $49,000.00

☛ How ChistaDATA can help you in building high performance ClickHouse applications?

ChistaDATA is committed to building optimal, scalable and highly reliable ClickHouse applications to maximize your Return on Investments (RoI) from your Database Infrastructure and Analytics Platforms. For more information on our ClickHouse Consultative Support and Managed Services, contact us at (844)395-5717 or

In the spirit of freedom, independence and innovation. ChistaDATA Corporation is not affiliated with ClickHouse Corporation