Data SRE

Building Database Infrastructure for Performance, Scalability and Reliability 

Troubleshooting ClickHouse Infrastructure for Performance, Scalability and Reliability means a deep understanding of optimal installation/configuration of Data Infra., capacity planning/sizing, performance health-check/diagnostics/forensics/troubleshooting, horizontal partitioning/sharding solutions, data security and automation/DevOps. We are experts in troubleshooting enterprise-class ClickHouse Ops. @ Scale. ChistaDATA Inc. is founded by Shiv Iyer, a very longtime Database Systems SRE/Performance Engineer with several years of experience in building high performance Database Infrastructure for both transaction processing systems and Columnar Stores. In ChistaDATA, We build custom Database SRE infrastructure for our customers. For instance, a large organization’s implementation of SRE is not the same as that of a startup, especially in terms of affording a team for this role. Our Database Infrastructure Operations site reliability engineers are committed to the early discovery of problems to reduce the cost of database infrastructure outages. Technically Database SRE is about an implementation of DBA DevOps infrastructure. Database SRE essentially involves creating a bridge between development and DBA operations.

☛ Database Infrastructure Site Reliability Engineering Services (SRE) from ChistaDATA Inc.

  • Custom installation and configuration of our customer database technologies stack addressing performance, scalability and high availability.
  • Performance Benchmarking to proactively measure latency and throughput to troubleshoot database system performance bottlenecks proactively.
  • Capacity planning and sizing  – Building database systems for performance and reliability.
  • Performance audit, diagnostics, forensics and health-check – Proactive performance troubleshooting.
  • Building self-healing and fault-tolerant database infrastructure operations for high availability and reliability.
  • Database Infrastructure backup and data recovery services.
  • Secured Data Ops. services – Data privacy/encryption, policy-based user logins, deploying custom data access firewalls and transaction audit.
  • Database technologies stack seamless upgrades and migration.

☛ Extreme Performance and Maximum Reliability with ChistaDATA Cloud Infrastructure for ClickHouse

✔ ClickHouse Installation and configuration

✔ ClickHouse Bug Fixing and Patching

✔ ClickHouse Infrastructure Capacity Planning and Sizing

✔ ClickHouse Infrastructure Operations Performance Optimization and Tuning

✔ ClickHouse Clustering and Replication Solutions

✔ Complimentary and 100% Free ClickHouse Migration Assistance

✔ ClickHouse DR (Data SRE) – Zero Data Loss Guarantee*

✔ ClickHouse Upgrades

✔ Data Security

✔ Monitoring (24*7) and Proactive Troubleshooting

☛ Managed Services subscription plans from ChistaDATA Inc.

Avg. Hours / MonthQuarterly
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
4US $2,100.00US $4,200.00US $8,400.00
8US $3,360.00US $6,720.00US $13,440.00
12US $3,780.00US $7,560.00US $15,120.00
16US $4,200.00US $8,400.00US $16,800.00
20US $4,900.00US $9,800.00US $19,600.00
24US $7,000.00US $14,000.00US $24,500.00
28US $9,100.00US $18,200.00US $28,000.00
32US $10,500.00US $21,000.00US $31,500.00
36US $14,000.00US $28,000.00US $42,000.00
40US $17,500.00US $34,500.00US $49,000.00

☛ How ChistaDATA can help you in building high performance ClickHouse applications?

ChistaDATA is committed to building optimal, scalable and highly reliable ClickHouse applications to maximize your Return on Investments (RoI) from your Database Infrastructure and Analytics Platforms. For more information on our ClickHouse Consultative Support and Managed Services, contact us at (844)395-5717 or