Why is Snowflake so Expensive?

Introduction Snowflake Inc. is possibly the most influential database software company in the modern world, after Oracle. The biggest technology IPO in history, it has raced to the hallowed $3B ARR mark demonstrating strong compounding […]

How to avoid the Linux OOM Killer on ClickHouse

In numerous instances, this indicates an out-of-memory scenario. ClickHouse started utilizing excessive memory, prompting Linux to terminate it to avert system instability. The responsible Linux process for this action is the Out-of-Memory Killer, also known […]

Why is ClickHouse so fast?

Introduction Online Analytical Processing Since Michael Stonebraker’s seminal 1986 paper that introduced POSTGRES (and consequently PostgreSQL) to the world, the relational database management system (RDBMS) has been synonymous with the word “database” and indeed the […]

Shard rebalancing Methods in ClickHouse

Sharding is a pivotal concept in managing large-scale databases, especially when dealing with voluminous data that exceeds the storage capacity of a single server. This article explores the intricate world of sharding in ClickHouse, a […]

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