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Building high-performance Database Analytics Application on ClickHouse involves specialized skills like a deep understanding of internals, architecture & engineering of ClickHouse schema models, optimal SQL semantics, cost-efficient indexing patterns, capacity planning/sizing and horizontally distributed database architecture for web-scale. Hiring a seasoned elite-class ClickHouse consultant is expensive, time-consuming and exhaustive, At ChistaDATA we have expert ClickHouse consultants working from multiple cities (SanFrancisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Russia, Germany, Australia, Singapore and India) globally to deliver 24*7 ClickHouse professional services. We are usually available on short notice for both onsite (across the U.S., London, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Australia, Singapore and India ) and remote consulting.  Please download ChistaDATA 24*7 Consultative Support and Managed Services flyer from here to understand more in detail about our offerings.

Top five reasons why ClickHouse is recommended for WebScale Data Analytics:

  1. Column-Oriented Storage: ClickHouse stores data in a column-oriented format, which allows it to efficiently compress and encode data, and minimize the amount of data that needs to be read from disk when querying.
  2. Vectorized Execution: ClickHouse uses vectorized execution to process data in bulk, which enables it to perform many operations in parallel and reduce the number of CPU instructions required to process a query.
  3. Distributed Query Processing: ClickHouse is designed to be highly distributed, allowing it to scale horizontally by adding more servers to a cluster. It also supports sharding data across multiple servers, which allows it to parallelize query processing and improve performance on large datasets.
  4. Intelligent Data Caching: ClickHouse uses an intelligent data caching system that automatically caches frequently used data in memory to reduce the number of disk I/O operations.
  5. Optimized Query Engine: ClickHouse has a highly optimized query engine that uses advanced techniques such as code generation, predicate pushdown, and index-based query optimization to speed up query execution.

☛ How ChistaDATA can help you in building a web-scale real-time streaming data analytics using ClickHouse ?

  • Consulting – We are experts in building optimal, scalable (horizontally and vertically), highly available and fault tolerant ClickHouse powered streaming data analytics platforms for planet-scale internet / mobile properties and Internet of Things (IoT)   . Our elite-class consultants work very closely with your business and technology teams to build custom columnar database analytics solutions using ClickHouse.
  • Database Architect services – We architect, engineer and deploy data analytics platform for you. We will take care of your data analytics ecosystem so that you can focus on business.
  • ClickHouse Enterprise Support – We have 24*7 enterprise-class support available for ClickHouse, Our support team will review and deliver guidance for your data analytics platforms architecture, SQL engineering, performance optimization, scalability, high availability and reliability.
  • ClickHouse Training.
  • Pay only for hours we have worked for you. This makes us affordable for startups and large corporations equally.

☛ Why we recommend ClickHouse over many other columnar database systems ?

  • Compact data storage – Ten billions UInt8-type values should exactly consume 10GB uncompressed to efficiently use available CPU . Optimal storage even when uncompressed benefit performance and resource management . ClickHouse is built is store data efficiently without any garbage .
  • CPU efficient – Whenever possible, ClickHouse operations are dispatched on arrays, rather than on individual values. This is called “vectorized query execution,” and it helps lower the cost of actual data processing.
  • Data compression – ClickHouse supports two kinds of compression LZ4 and ZSTD . LZ4 is faster than ZSTD but compression ratio is smaller .ZSTD is faster and compress better  than traditional Zlib but slower than LZ4 .  We recommend customers LZ4 , when I/O is fast enough so decompression speed will become a bottleneck . When using super ultra fast disk subsystems you have an option to specify “none” compression . ZSTD is recommended when I/O is the bottleneck in queries with large range scans .
  • Can store data in disk – The columnar database systems like SAP HANA and Google PowerDrill can only work in the RAM .
  • Massively Parallel Processing – ClickHouse is capable of Massively Parallel Processing very large / complex SQL(s) optimally and cost efficiently
  • Built for web-scale data analytics – ClickHouse support sharding and distributed processing, This makes ClickHouse most preferred columnar database system for web-scale . Each shard in ClickHouse can be a group of replicas addressing maximum reliability and fault tolerance .
  • ClickHouse support Primary Key – ClickHouse permits real-time data updates with primary key (there will be no locking when adding data) . Data is sorted incrementally using the merge tree to perform queries on the range of primary key values.
  • Built for statistical analysis and support partial aggregation – ClickHouse is statistical query analysis ready columnar database store supporting aggregate functions for approximated calculation of the number of various values, medians, and quantiles. ClickHouse support aggregation for a limited number of random keys, instead for all the keys . You can query on a part (sample) of data and generate approximate result reducing disk I/O operations considerably .
  • Supports SQL – ClickHouse supports SQL, Subqueries are supported in FROM, IN, and JOIN clauses, as well as scalar subqueries. Dependent subqueries are not supported.
  • Supports data replication – ClickHouse supports asynchronous multi-master and master-slave replication .

☛ Building high-Performance MySQL, MariaDB, MyRocks and PostgreSQL Transaction Processing Systems with ChistaDATA Real-Time Data Archiving Toolkit

In today’s data-driven world, organizations often face challenges related to the performance and scalability of their traditional relational databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB. To overcome these limitations and unlock the full potential of their data, many businesses are turning to ClickHouse, a high-performance columnar database. One practical approach is to archive historical data from PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB to ClickHouse. This allows organizations to retain their valuable data for long-term storage and analysis while benefiting from the superior performance and scalability of ClickHouse. Let’s explore the benefits and the process of archiving data to ClickHouse.

Benefits of Archiving Data to ClickHouse:

  1. Improved Performance: ClickHouse’s columnar storage format and optimized query execution engine provide significant performance improvements for analytical workloads. By archiving historical data to ClickHouse, organizations can offload the data from their traditional databases, reducing the query load and enhancing performance for active transactional systems.
  2. Cost-Effective Storage: ClickHouse’s efficient compression algorithms and storage optimizations enable organizations to store large volumes of data cost-effectively. By moving historical data to ClickHouse, organizations can reduce the storage costs associated with their primary databases while retaining easy access to the archived data for analysis and reporting.
  3. Scalability and Capacity: ClickHouse’s distributed architecture and horizontal scalability allow organizations to handle massive amounts of data with ease. Archiving data to ClickHouse ensures that the database infrastructure can scale seamlessly as data volumes grow, providing organizations with the flexibility to accommodate future data growth.
  4. Simplified Data Management: By centralizing historical data in ClickHouse, organizations can simplify their data management processes. ClickHouse’s powerful data ingestion capabilities, data replication features, and SQL-based querying enable efficient data handling and analysis without the complexities often associated with traditional databases.

Process of Archiving Data to ClickHouse:

  1. Data Selection: Identify the data in PostgreSQL, MySQL, or MariaDB that needs to be archived. This typically includes historical or less frequently accessed data that is no longer actively used in transactional operations.
  2. Data Extraction: Extract the selected data from the source database. This can be done using various methods, such as SQL queries or ETL processes, depending on the database technology and the specific data extraction requirements.
  3. Data Transformation and Formatting: Convert the extracted data into a format suitable for ClickHouse. This may involve transforming the data schema, adjusting data types, and ensuring compatibility with ClickHouse’s columnar storage format.
  4. Data Loading into ClickHouse: Utilize ClickHouse’s native data ingestion mechanisms, such as the ClickHouse SQL interface, ClickHouse client libraries, or external data integration tools, to load the archived data into ClickHouse tables. ClickHouse’s high-speed data loading capabilities ensure efficient and fast data ingestion.
  5. Indexing and Query Optimization: Create appropriate indexes on the archived data in ClickHouse to optimize query performance. Analyze the query patterns and design indexes that align with the specific analytical requirements of the archived data.
  6. Data Retention and Archiving Strategy: Define a data retention policy and archiving strategy based on the organization’s specific needs. This includes determining the duration of data retention in ClickHouse and establishing periodic archiving processes to ensure efficient archived data management.
  7. Data Access and Analytics: Leverage ClickHouse’s powerful SQL capabilities, analytical functions, and data manipulation tools to perform advanced analytics on archived data. ClickHouse’s real-time query processing capabilities enable organizations to gain valuable insights from historical data for decision-making and business intelligence purposes.

☛ ClickHouse Consulting Plans (we do both on-site and remote ClickHouse consulting) from ChistaDATA

If you are building an web-scale columnar database systems analytics and your business demands on-site ClickHouse consultants, We are available on short notice. We work very closely with your team on-site guiding them both strategically and technically on building optimal, scalable and highly available ClickHouse database infrastructure operations.

On-Site ClickHouse Consulting from ChistaDATA Inc.Rate
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
Per-DiemUS $350 / hour

We can do almost everything remote on ClickHouse, This include performance, scalability and high availability . Our technical account manager will be working very closely with your team to understand the goals and build short / long-term deliverables managing ChistaDATA ClickHouse Consultants.

Remote ClickHouse Consulting by ChistaDATA Inc.Rate
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
Per DiemUS $250 / hour

If you are a startup, We have flexible consulting options available:

Avg. Hours / MonthQuarterly
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
4US $2,100.00US $4,200.00US $8,400.00
8US $3,360.00US $6,720.00US $13,440.00
12US $3,780.00US $7,560.00US $15,120.00
16US $4,200.00US $8,400.00US $16,800.00
20US $4,900.00US $9,800.00US $19,600.00
24US $7,000.00US $14,000.00US $24,500.00
28US $9,100.00US $18,200.00US $28,000.00
32US $10,500.00US $21,000.00US $31,500.00
36US $14,000.00US $28,000.00US $42,000.00
40US $17,500.00US $34,500.00US $49,000.00

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Instruct the paying financial institution or the payor to route all domestic wire transfers via FEDWIRE to the following ABA number:

Bank DetailsChistaDATA Inc. Bank Account Details for Domestic Wire Transfer
CREDIT ACCOUNT #3303471709

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ROUTING & TRANSIT #121140399

☛ Partial list of customers – What we did for them ?

  • Applied Materials – ClickHouse Consultative Support
  • Orange Communications – ClickHouse Consultative Support
  • Garmin – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • ClassPlus – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • Morgan Stanley – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • Blue Dart – ClickHouse Consulting / Professional Services and Enterprise-Class Consultative Support
  • Carlsberg – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • PRADA – ClickHouse Consulting and Managed Database Services
  • Netflix – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • MPL – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • Burberry – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • Edward Jones – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • Cambridge Investment Research – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • National Geographic – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • American Express Travel – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • Sony – ClickHouse Consultative Support and Managed Services
  • Nintendo – ClickHouse Consultative Support and Managed Services
  • Unilever – ClickHouse Consultative Support
  • VISA – ClickHouse Consultative Support and Database Architect Services for Big Data Analytics

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