Enterprise-class 24*7 Consultative Support for ClickHouse  

ChistaDATA Enterprise-class 24*7 Consultative Support for ClickHouse creates unbiased guidance for installation, configuration, capacity planning/sizing, performance optimization, scalability and Data SRE. Our team of globally distributed ClickHouse Support Engineers are available 24*7 assisting you in troubleshooting ClickHouse infrastructure operations more intuitively.  We strongly believe in delivering highly professional and elite-class ClickHouse Consultative Support with guaranteed responsiveness for delivering optimal, scalable, reliable, fault-tolerant and secured Database Infrastructure Operations for web-scale Data Analytics. ChistaDATA Support connect with customers via online ticketing systems, Slack channel, Phone, Zoom-based bridge calls and Email. ChistaDATA full-stack optimization team regularly schedule for performance audit to identify configuration issues, Schema engineering issues, expensive SQLs and security issues to troubleshoot ClickHouse more proactively. Please download ChistaDATA 24*7 Consultative Support and Managed Services flyer from here to understand more in detail about our offerings.

☛ Why we recommend ClickHouse over many other columnar database systems ?

  • Compact data storage – Ten billions UInt8-type values should exactly consume 10GB uncompressed to efficiently use available CPU . Optimal storage even when uncompressed benefit performance and resource management . ClickHouse is built is store data efficiently without any garbage .
  • CPU efficient – Whenever possible, ClickHouse operations are dispatched on arrays, rather than on individual values. This is called “vectorized query execution,” and it helps lower the cost of actual data processing.
  • Data compression – ClickHouse supports two kinds of compression LZ4 and ZSTD . LZ4 is faster than ZSTD but compression ratio is smaller .ZSTD is faster and compress better  than traditional Zlib but slower than LZ4 .  We recommend customers LZ4 , when I/O is fast enough so decompression speed will become a bottleneck . When using super ultra fast disk subsystems you have an option to specify “none” compression . ZSTD is recommended when I/O is the bottleneck in queries with large range scans .
  • Can store data in disk – The columnar database systems like SAP HANA and Google PowerDrill can only work in the RAM .
  • Massively Parallel Processing – ClickHouse is capable of Massively Parallel Processing very large / complex SQL(s) optimally and cost efficiently
  • Built for web-scale data analytics – ClickHouse support sharding and distributed processing, This makes ClickHouse most preferred columnar database system for web-scale . Each shard in ClickHouse can be a group of replicas addressing maximum reliability and fault tolerance .
  • ClickHouse support Primary Key – ClickHouse permits real-time data updates with primary key (there will be no locking when adding data) . Data is sorted incrementally using the merge tree to perform queries on the range of primary key values.
  • Built for statistical analysis and support partial aggregation – ClickHouse is statistical query analysis ready columnar database store supporting aggregate functions for approximated calculation of the number of various values, medians, and quantiles. ClickHouse support aggregation for a limited number of random keys, instead for all the keys . You can query on a part (sample) of data and generate approximate result reducing disk I/O operations considerably .
  • Supports SQL – ClickHouse supports SQL, Subqueries are supported in FROM, IN, and JOIN clauses, as well as scalar subqueries. Dependent subqueries are not supported.
  • Supports data replication – ClickHouse supports asynchronous multi-master and master-slave replication .

☛ ClickHouse Enterprise Support (24*7)

You get access to our seasoned ClickHouse support team 24*7 for an fraction of cost to hiring a full-time Sr. level ClickHouse consultant . We will help you in building an planet-scale data analytics platform using ClickHouse which is optimal, scalable and highly available.

  • Enterprise-Class ClickHouse Support
    • Technical Account Manager to clearly understand your business goals and orchestrate our support operations.
    • 30 Minute Response Time on Severity 1 (Urgent) Issues.
    • 10 Named Customer Contacts.
    • Support channels – Phone, Email, Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts and Phone.
    • Technical support — 30 minute response time (S1)
      • Support -levels – We have very well defined support infrastructure operations function:
        • Severity 1– Immediate attention needed, The customer’s business is severely impacted and database infrastructure is unavailable.
          • Response time (SLA) – 30 minutes.
        • Severity 2– Customer database infrastructure is available (up and running) but performance / scalability issues are directly impacting business.
          • Response time (SLA) – 12 hours. 
        • Severity 3– Low impact situation, Customer business and production infrastructure is functioning normally, but the problem is impacting the development ecosystems, also causing delay in production deployment.
          • Response time (SLA) – 24 hours.
        • Severity 4– Low to no impact situation, It is more about knowing the features and capability of components before considering the adoption.
          • Response time (SLA) – 48 hours. 
  • ClickHouse DBA Consultative Support
    • Recommendations for database architecture and design.
    • Recommendations for optimal SQL engineering.
    • Recommendations for ClickHouse Performance optimization and tuning.
    • Recommendation for index design, optimization and usage.
    • Recommendations for ClickHouse backup and disaster recovery.
    • Recommendations for ClickHouse high availability and auto failover.
    • Recommendations for ClickHouse data archiving and partitioning.
    • Recommendations for ClickHouse maintenance operations.
ChistaDATA ClickHouse Enterprise SupportRate
( plus GST / Goods and Services Tax where relevant )
Unlimited ClickHouse InstancesUS $25,000 / Year

☛ Rates, We expect prompt payment from customers to deliver elite-class consulting and support services

  • The default payment term for every invoice from MinervaDB is on or before 30 days, although other terms can be arranged for in our contract. You will pay invoices promptly, or we may choose to not do further business with you. Yes, we do that, as happy and healthy business relationships are important to us.
  • MinervaDB Flexible Consulting plans, Remote DBA packages and Enterprise-Class 24*7 support subscriptions are payable in advance, this so we can make sure we have the resources available to assist you. In return for this commitment, you pay a lower hourly rate.

☛ Discounts 

Discounts are applicable only for multi-year contracts / long-term engagements, We don’t hire low-quality and cheap rookie consultants to manage your mission-critical Database Systems Infrastructure Operations and so our consultants are expensive. Being a virtual corporation (no offices anywhere in the world), whatever you pay go directly to our consultant’s fee. It’s impossible for us to offer you low-cost consulting, support and remote DBA services with elite-class team, Thanks for understanding and doing business with MinervaDB.  

☛ ChistaDATA Inc. Bank Account Details  – Silicon Valley Bank

For the customers based out of U.S. 

Instruct the paying financial institution or the payor to route all domestic wire transfers via FEDWIRE to the following ABA number:

Bank DetailsChistaDATA Inc. Bank Account Details for Domestic Wire Transfer
CREDIT ACCOUNT #3303471709

For the international customers ( non U.S. based customers )

Instruct the paying financial institution to advise their U.S. correspondent to pay as follows:

Bank DetailsChistaDATA Inc. Bank Account Details for International Wire Transfer
ROUTING & TRANSIT #121140399

☛ Partial list of customers – What we did for them ?

  • Applied Materials – ClickHouse Consultative Support
  • Orange Communications – ClickHouse Consultative Support
  • Garmin – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • ClassPlus – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • Morgan Stanley – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • Blue Dart – ClickHouse Consulting / Professional Services and Enterprise-Class Consultative Support
  • Carlsberg – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • PRADA – ClickHouse Consulting and Managed Database Services
  • Netflix – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • MPL – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • Burberry – ClickHouse Enterprise-Class Support
  • Edward Jones – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • Cambridge Investment Research – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • National Geographic – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • American Express Travel – ClickHouse Consulting and Enterprise-Class Support
  • Sony – ClickHouse Consultative Support and Managed Services
  • Nintendo – ClickHouse Consultative Support and Managed Services
  • Unilever – ClickHouse Consultative Support
  • VISA – ClickHouse Consultative Support and Database Architect Services for Big Data Analytics

In the spirit of freedom, independence and innovation. ChistaDATA Corporation is not affiliated with ClickHouse Corporation