ClickHouse September 2023 Release – Version 23.9

We commend the ClickHouse team for their ongoing dedication to providing monthly releases with fresh features, enhancements, and important bug fixes. At ChistaData, we conscientiously perform Quick Peek analyses on every release and create dedicated […]

Full text search with Manticore – PLAIN INDEX

Due to the exponential growth of textual data and the need for users to access relevant information quickly and effectively, full-text search remains vital in today’s digital ecosystem, and as ChistaDATA Inc., we continue to […]

ClickHouse 23.8 LTS – Release Blog

Pic Courtesy – Pexels The latest Long Term Support version of ClickHouse was released on 31 August (23.8 LTS). ClickHouse has two LTS releases every year (March and August) and this latest release has a […]

Inverted Indices in ClickHouse

ClickHouse’s MergeTree table engine uses sparse indexing for its primary index and data-skipping indices as a secondary index. These indices are used to speed up the data retrieval from the disk. More recently, ClickHouse has […]