ClickHouse February 2022 Release – v22.2


ClickHouse Development Group is very active (, We at ChistaDATA carefully evaluate new features to recommend customers for adoption (whenever appropriate). Our Support team is committed to providing maximum value for ChistaDATA customers for building optimal, scalable and reliable ClickHouse infrastructure operations. In this blog post we have explained what is new with ClickHouse 22.2.

Key features & improvements

  • allow_experimental_projection_optimization is set by default – Yes, Projections are ready for ClickHouse Production Infrastructure
  • You now have the option to create new files on INSERT for File/S3/HDFS engines. You can overwrite a file in HDFS. Throw an exception in an attempt to overwrite a file S3 by default. Throw an exception in an attempt to append data to file in formats that have a suffix (and thus don’t support appends, like Parquet, ORC)
  • You can now configure ClickHouse for a full autonomous deduplication feature for data stored on MergeTree/ReplicatedMergeTree. This is possible only if it’s used instead of data digest to generate block ID
  • Default keyword support for INSERT statements
  • MOVE TTL rules (IF EXISTS clause for TTL expr TO [DISK|VOLUME] [IF EXISTS] ‘xxx’ feature) are accepted only if it (parts will be moved to disks/volumes) exists on replica
  • You can now set the default table engine to create tables without explicitly mentioning the engine
  • Support Table function. Example: format(format_name,data)
  • You can add Schema interference for values in table function
  • You can dynamically reload ClickHouse Server TLS certificates on-demand


The release of ClickHouse v22.2 by ChistaDATA Inc. brings several significant updates and enhancements, catering to the evolving needs of users seeking optimal, scalable, and reliable database infrastructure. With improvements in projection optimization, file handling, deduplication, query capabilities, and security features like TLS certificate reloading, ClickHouse continues to solidify its position as a robust choice for data management solutions.

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