Why is ClickHouse so fast?

Introduction Online Analytical Processing Since Michael Stonebraker’s seminal 1986 paper that introduced POSTGRES (and consequently PostgreSQL) to the world, the relational database management system (RDBMS) has been synonymous with the word “database” and indeed the […]

How to configure ClickHouse Server for performance?

Configuring ClickHouse Server for Performance Configuring the ClickHouse Server can significantly impact the performance of your queries. Here are some key configuration options to consider: Remember to carefully evaluate and test the impact of each configuration […]

Sharding and Resharding Strategies in ClickHouse

Picture Courtesy – Photo by Mariana Kurnyk Sharding is a process in which a large database table is divided horizontally into smaller ones (with same schema/columns) and stored across different nodes. ClickHouse supports sharding via […]

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