Overview of Key Features of ChistaDATA’s ClickHouse DBaaS


As the ChistaDATA team, we keep our DBaaS environment up-to-date, arrange bug fixes and release new releases. In this blog post, we will talk about the latest updates.

You want to ensure your ClickHouse database is running in a more stable, secure, and fast environment, you can try the ChistaDATA DbaaS environment.

To access ChistaDATA DBaaS, please visit: https://cloud.chistadata.io

The updates that come with the new releases are as follows:

Add metrics user: Added a ClickHouse user for the metrics agent

Query Results CSV Export: Query results can now be exported in CSV format.

New Metrics Added: More metrics have been added to the metrics dashboard. Failed Queries, Total Inserts, Average Query Memory, and Average Query Duration.

Copy Execution Plan: Added option to copy the execution plan output in the query editor.

Autocompletion Query Editor: Enabled auto-completion in the query editor. No need to key press (ctrl+space).

Portal users in ClickHouse: Ensure a user exists for the currently logged-in user in the ClickHouse cluster.

ClickHouse RBAC Management: Added feature to manage users in the ClickHouse cluster. Added predefined roles for admin and read-only users

Selected Query Execution: Query Editor has a new feature. You can now select a query and execute it.

Default Backup Schedule Editor: You can now edit the system-scheduled default backup schedule.

Now, let’s detail these updates.

Add metrics user

ChistaDATA added a ClickHouse user for metrics agent to monitor your ClickHouse cluster.

Query Results CSV Export

You can export your query results into a .csv file with a single button which is located middle right of the query editor.

New Metrics Added

ChistaDATA added new metrics to monitoring the ClickHouse cluster.

Copy Execution Plan

You can Explain the statement and copy your Execution Plan via a single button after running Explain statement.

Autocompletion Query Editor

To improve syntax, our query editor will automatically complete your queries.

Portal users in ClickHouse

You will be able to see all portal users for your cluster.

ClickHouse RBAC Management

Administrators will be able to create/drop users.

Selected Query Execution

You will be able to run the query which is selected in the query editor.

Default Backup Schedule Editor

ChistaDATA now supports default backups for your cluster safety.


With this blog post we hope to give you an overview of the different modules available on the ChistaDATA DBaaS portal. We look forward to helping you get the most out of ChistaDATA and making your database management experience seamless. ChistaDATA DBaaS continues to improve itself and add new features.

To access ChistaDATA DBaaS, please visit: https://cloud.chistadata.io

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