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Ilkay has been administering databases including NoSQL and RDBMS for over 7 years. He is experienced working high-scale banking databases. He is currently working at ChistaDATA Inc. as Database Administrator.
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How to avoid the Linux OOM Killer on ClickHouse

In numerous instances, this indicates an out-of-memory scenario. ClickHouse started utilizing excessive memory, prompting Linux to terminate it to avert system instability. The responsible Linux process for this action is the Out-of-Memory Killer, also known […]

Online Schema Change – ClickHouse

In the dynamic world of data management, databases are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of organisations. However, changing the structure of a database, also known as a schema change, has traditionally been a […]

Full text search with Manticore – PLAIN INDEX

Due to the exponential growth of textual data and the need for users to access relevant information quickly and effectively, full-text search remains vital in today’s digital ecosystem, and as ChistaDATA Inc., we continue to […]

ClickHouse internal_replication Parameter

Why we need to provide a shard section using the internal replication configuration parameter. Does it make sense if you only have instances in multiple data centres with high latency? In this situation, using ZooKeeper […]

WHERE vs PREWHERE in ClickHouse

PREWHERE is an optimization applied automatically even if you write WHERE in the query. A separate keyword lets you manually tune this optimizer behavior if you know what you are doing. SELECT column1, column2, column3 […]

Optimizing Table Instantly in ClickHouse

We run an OPTIMIZE table_name FINAL after loading, but we still see numerous duplicates even after the OPTIMIZE command appears to have finished. This is because it runs silently and doesn’t return any information or […]

Migrating MSSQL Database to ClickHouse

In the previous article, We discussed migrating from Oracle to the ClickHouse database. This migration technology tool will soon be available in the ChistaDATA DBaaS, and you can enjoy the advantages of ClickHouse database with […]

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