About Ilkay Cetindag
Ilkay has been administering databases including NoSQL and RDBMS for over 7 years. He is experienced working high-scale banking databases. He is currently working at ChistaDATA Inc. as Database Administrator.
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Performance Tricks in ClickHouse – Part I

Among DBAs, there is much debate regarding the significance of database performance tuning. As we now understand, various types of data are what really power the business world. It should be operating very effectively and […]

Tracing ClickHouse with OpenTelemetry

“I am aware that people are disappointed with the performance. But all of our measurements are in the green, so the problem must be somewhere else.” Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to quickly […]

Speed up your ClickHouse as time-series database

What do sensors in self-driving vehicles, social media activities, and autonomous stock/crypto trading algorithms have in common? These applications are based on data that measures how things change over time. It’s called time-series data, and […]

The significance of access management

This article explains how to define SQL users and roles and then apply privileges and permissions to databases, tables, rows, and columns. CREATE, DROP, ALTER operations cannot be performed for the following objects, even if […]

ALTER Statement

Business requirements change over time, and the database design may alter as well. You might not be able to afford to remove a table and rebuild it from scratch. The ALTER statement allows you to […]

Setting up TLS-SSL for ClickHouse Server

Since databases are where data is stored in systems, they are among the most valuable and secure parts of the system. The results of the studies show that database security is not given much weight […]

Engine Types and MergeTree of ClickHouse

Data is a collection of information that can be used for many different purposes, including big-volume data analysis, external data integration, and many more in ClickHouse. Broadly, engines play a key role in these purposes […]

ClickHouse’s HA/Replication Competency

Is 90% availability good? Why is high availability important? What does that mean for a business in plain terms? Let’s dive into them. What is high availability? Business critical databases require minimal downtime and continuous […]