About ChistaDATA Inc.
We are an full-stack ClickHouse infrastructure operations Consulting, Support and Managed Services provider with core expertise in performance, scalability and data SRE. Based out of California, Our consulting and support engineering team operates out of San Francisco, Vancouver, London, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Singapore and India to deliver 24*7 enterprise-class consultative support and managed services. We operate very closely with some of the largest and planet-scale internet properties like PayPal, Garmin, Honda cars IoT project, Viacom, National Geographic, Nike, Morgan Stanley, American Express Travel, VISA, Netflix, PRADA, Blue Dart, Carlsberg, Sony, Unilever etc

Backup & Data Restore (DR) in ClickHouse: Part 1

Introduction We at ChistaDATA never recommend Replication Solution as an alternative for Backup or DR. Replication focuses on business continuity, i.e. delivering uninterrupted data infrastructure availability to mission-critical ClickHouse Operations and Backup involves creating a […]

ClickHouse February 2022 Release – v22.2

Introduction ClickHouse Development Group is very active (https://clickhouse.com/docs/en/whats-new/changelog/), We at ChistaDATA carefully evaluate new features to recommend customers for adoption (whenever appropriate). Our Support team is committed to providing maximum value for ChistaDATA customers for […]

ClickHouse Data Types: LowCardinality

Introduction ClickHouse LowCardinality feature is not documented in detail and people still mistake the functional relevance of it. ClickHouse has several data types and SQL implementation which is entirely different from other data warehousing systems, […]

How ClickHouse Query Profiler works ?

How does ClickHouse Query Profiler work? The core objective of ClickHouse Query Profiler is to measure the performance metrics of SQLs and understand where the application is spending most of the time, This helps to […]

Connecting to ClickHouse with C++ client libraries

ClickHouse C++ client – Connecting to ClickHouse with C++ client libraries ClickHouse C++ client is a client library for C++ development allowing applications to connect to ClickHouse databases based on the clickhouse-native-client library. The library […]

ClickHouse Installation: Cluster Setup and Configuration

Introduction Being a full-stack ClickHouse Optimization Support and Managed Services provider company we often get queries on ClickHouse installation and configuration for both standalone and clustered infrastructure setup. So we decided to write this blog […]

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