Hadoop vs ClickHouse: Comparison of Key Features

Introduction Hadoop and ClickHouse are both big data processing platforms, but they have different design goals and use cases. Here is a comparison of some key features. Hadoop vs ClickHouse: Comparison of Key Features Data […]

Limitations of Hadoop in Real-time Analytics

Introduction Hadoop is a powerful, open-source ecosystem for storing and processing large datasets, but it is not well-suited for real-time analytics. Hadoop’s limitations in Real-time Analytics Here are a few reasons why Hadoop is not […]

Why is ClickHouse better than Hadoop for Real-time Analytics?

Introduction ClickHouse is a column-oriented, open-source analytics database that is designed for real-time OLAP (online analytical processing) and OLTP (online transaction processing) use cases. It is optimized for large-scale data processing, high-performance queries, and real-time […]