Sneak Peek at ChistaDATA Cloud

After months of hard work designing, developing, and testing our offering as ChistaDATA Cloud has reached an early preview stage. In this post, we’d like to give you a quick sense of what’s coming next. […]

Running ClickHouse with Docker: Part 2

Introduction ClickHouse is an open-source columnar database meant for online analytical processing workloads. We have covered how to set up ClickHouse using Docker in this post. In this article, we will cover the following. Using […]

Sharding in ClickHouse: Part 1

Introduction Sharding is splitting a large table horizontally (row-wise) and storing it in multiple servers. Clickhouse uses distributed table engine for processing the sharded tables. Shards can be internally replicated or non-replicated in ClickHouse. Sharding […]

ClickHouse on Kubernetes: Running ClickHouse Cluster on Amazon EKS

Introduction Kubernetes orchestration simplifies many common operational concerns like scheduling, auto-scaling, and failover. Usually, databases that support replication, sharding, and auto-scaling are well-suited for Kubernetes. ClickHouse and Kubernetes can perform better together. At ChistaData, we […]

MySQL to ClickHouse Replication with Sink Connector

Introduction Transactional Databases systems run thousands of transactions per second. ClickHouse, on the other hand, as an analytical database, is the right choice for performing these operations with its features such as columnar storage and […]

Data Replication in ClickHouse (Docker Based Setup)

Image Source – Pexels Data replication is the process of storing multiple copies of data to ensure system reliability and improve data availability. ClickHouse supports multi-primary replication, and it is asynchronous (eventually consistent). Every MergeTree table […]

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