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Troubleshooting issues while starting the clickhouse-server

Host OS: Ubuntu 22.04

ClickHouse version:


Using the pre-compiled packages is the recommended way for installing ClickHouse. The ClickHouse Server is configured to run as a systemd service and it will automatically start with every host OS reboot. Failures can happen while starting the ClickHouse as systemd service or after a reboot. Possible solutions for such scenarios are discussed in this article.

Scenario 1:

ClickHouse server won’t start as a service (even by manually executing sudo service clickhouse-server start) but can be run by invoking clickhouse-server from the terminal.

Possible Root Cause: ClickHouse folders have incorrect permissions

Steps to troubleshoot:

  • Check the systemd logs using the below command ina terminal window
sudo journalctl -u clickhouse-server


  • Check if a similar error message is displayed (Access to file denied: /var/lib/clickhouse*)


  • Change the ownership of the following directories to Clickhouse user instead of other users (root)
sudo chown -R clickhouse /var/lib/clickhouse /var/log/clickhouse-server /etc/clickhouse-server /etc/clickhouse-client


  • Start the server and verify the status using the below commands
sudo service clickhouse-server start
sudo service clickhouse-server status


  • Now, the server should be started as a service. The expected output is below.


Scenario 2:

ClickHouse server is not started automatically after every reboot, but the service can be started manually using sudo service clickhouse-server start command.

Possible Root Cause: ClickHouse service is disabled

Steps to Troubleshoot

  • Run the following command after the host OS reboot
sudo service clickhouse-server status


  • The service status is shown as disabled (similar to below).


  • Re-enable Clickhouse systems service
sudo systemctl enable clickhouse-server.service


  • Reload systemd services
sudo systemctl daemon-reload service


  • Reload the clickhouse server and the service should run even after reboot.
sudo clickhouse-server restart



This article will be updated as and when new issues are encountered and solved.




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