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  4. Tools widely used for data visualization and business intelligence with ClickHouse
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  4. Tools widely used for data visualization and business intelligence with ClickHouse

Tools widely used for data visualization and business intelligence with ClickHouse

We can use Apache Superset, Cube.js, Grafana, Looker, Tableau, Redash, and Metabase to render and display data stored in ClickHouse. These tools are widely used for data visualization and business intelligence, and they can connect to ClickHouse for data querying and visualization. Here’s an overview of how each can be integrated with ClickHouse:

Apache Superset with ClickHouse

  1. Use Case: Apache Superset is an open-source business intelligence tool that can be used to create visualizations, dashboards, and data exploration interfaces.
  2. How it Works: Superset can connect directly to ClickHouse, allowing you to create visualizations and dashboards based on data stored in ClickHouse.
  3. Example Scenarios: Building interactive dashboards for business intelligence, creating data exploration tools for analysts, or visualizing complex datasets for reporting.
  4. More : https://clickhouse.com/docs/en/integrations/superset

Cube.js with ClickHouse

  1. Use Case: Cube.js is an open-source analytical API platform. It is particularly useful for creating data visualization applications that require complex, large-scale data analytics.
  2. How it Works: Cube.js can act as a layer between ClickHouse and the frontend visualization tool. It helps manage the data pipeline, query optimization, and caching, making data retrieval from ClickHouse efficient and fast for visualization purposes.
  3. Example Scenarios: Developing custom data analytics applications, optimizing data queries for frontend applications, or handling large-scale, complex data visualizations.
  4. More : https://cube.dev/blog/clickhouse-dashboard-tutorial

Grafana with ClickHouse

  1. Use Case: Grafana is a popular open-source tool for time-series analytics, widely used for monitoring and visualization.
  2. How it Works: Grafana can connect to ClickHouse as a data source. It is particularly effective for creating real-time monitoring dashboards and alerting systems based on time-series data.
  3. Example Scenarios: Monitoring server and application metrics, creating dashboards for real-time data streams, or setting up alerting systems for operational intelligence.
  4. More: https://clickhouse.com/docs/en/integrations/grafana

Looker with ClickHouse

  1. Integration: Looker can connect to ClickHouse via JDBC (Java Database Connectivity). Looker uses a modeling language called LookML to define dimensions, aggregates, calculations, and data relationships.
  2. Use Case: Ideal for enterprises needing detailed business intelligence, data exploration, and reporting capabilities. Looker can leverage ClickHouse’s fast querying capabilities for real-time analytics.
  3. Capabilities: Advanced data modeling, exploration, and interactive dashboards.
  4. More: https://clickhouse.com/docs/en/integrations/looker

Tableau with ClickHouse

  1. Integration: Tableau connects to ClickHouse through ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) or JDBC drivers.
  2. Use Case: Suitable for creating various visualizations from simple charts to complex interactive dashboards. Tableau is known for its user-friendly interface and powerful visualization capabilities.
  3. Capabilities: Data blending, real-time collaboration, and powerful data visualization.
  4. More: https://clickhouse.com/docs/en/integrations/tableau

Redash with ClickHouse

  1. Integration: Redash offers native support for ClickHouse, allowing direct querying of data stored in ClickHouse.
  2. Use Case: Redash is great for teams that need to create interactive dashboards and SQL queries quickly. It’s user-friendly for those who are not deeply technical but still offers advanced capabilities for those who are.
  3. Capabilities: Easy setup for dashboards, ad-hoc query exploration, and visualization.
  4. More: https://www.restack.io/docs/redash-knowledge-redash-clickhouse-integration

Metabase with ClickHouse

  1. Integration: Metabase can connect to ClickHouse using JDBC. It’s designed for ease of use and is suitable even for those without deep SQL knowledge.
  2. Use Case: Ideal for small to medium businesses looking for a simple and straightforward tool for data analysis and visualization.
  3. Capabilities: User-friendly interface, simple analytics, and easy sharing of insights within the organization.
  4. More:  https://clickhouse.com/docs/en/integrations/metabase

More details are available here on the page: https://clickhouse.com/docs/en/integrations/data-visualization


Using Apache Superset, Cube.js, Grafana, and other similar tools with ClickHouse enables powerful data visualization and analytics capabilities. These tools cater to various needs, from simple dashboards and data exploration to complex, large-scale analytics applications. Their integration with ClickHouse allows leveraging ClickHouse’s high-performance analytics capabilities and strengths in handling large volumes of data, making them suitable for scenarios ranging from business intelligence and reporting to real-time monitoring and operational analytics.

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