Integrating Kafka with ClickHouse for Real-time Stream Processing in Fintech


A financial technology (FinTech) company may integrate Kafka with ClickHouse to enable real-time stream processing of financial data, across a variety of use cases such as merchant settlements, fraud analytics, etc.

Runbook to integrate Kafka with ClickHouse for Fintech

Here is an example of how this might work:

  1. Data collection: The FinTech company collects financial data, such as stock prices, trade data, and customer transactions, from various sources, such as stock exchanges and banking systems, and sends it to a Kafka cluster.
  2. Data ingestion: The Kafka cluster ingests the data and makes it available for real-time stream processing.
  3. Data processing: A stream processing application, such as Apache Flink or Apache Storm, subscribes to the Kafka topic and processes the data in real-time. The application performs tasks such as validating the data, applying business logic, and aggregating the data.
  4. Data loading: The processed data is then loaded into a ClickHouse cluster for real-time analytics and reporting. The ClickHouse cluster is optimized for high-performance analytical queries and can handle millions of rows per second.
  5. Data visualization: The FinTech company uses a data visualization tool, such as Grafana or Tableau, to create real-time dashboards and reports based on the data in ClickHouse. These dashboards provide insights into key metrics, such as stock prices, trade volumes, and customer behavior.
  6. Data archiving: The data in ClickHouse is also archived to a more cost-effective storage solution for long-term retention, such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage.
  7. Alerts and notifications: The FinTech company sets up alerts and notifications based on the data in ClickHouse to notify relevant parties of important events, such as abnormal stock price fluctuations or suspicious customer transactions.


By integrating Kafka with ClickHouse, the FinTech company can process financial data in real-time and make data-driven decisions that can help improve their business. The real-time analytics and reporting provide a competitive edge over other companies who rely on batch processing and delayed insights.

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